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CVARC Discussion - This is a general list for Conejo Valley Amateur Radio Club members & friends. This is an unmoderated list except for new members, whose postings are moderated for a trial period (to avoid hit-and-run spammers). The Links and Calendar sections can be viewed by non-members. All other features require membership. NOTES: FOR SECURITY REASONS, ATTACHMENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED ON THIS LIST. If you have an attachment that would be appropriate to post (for example an event flyer that has no URL) please send it to a moderator who can post it for you. Links provided on this web site are for the convenience of users and do not indicate endorsement of particular companies or organizations by CVARC. Additional keywords: Ham ARC Thousand Oaks Westlake Village Agoura Hills Newbury Park Oak Park Simi Moorpark Ventura County Los Angeles County ARES RACES Field Day
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  • CVARC | Digital
    The CVARC Digital subgroup is place to discuss all the popular low-power digital modes.  There are many modes to choose from depending on your needs and your equipment.  This group explores everything from PSK-31, JT-65, JT-9 to FT-8, FT-4 and beyond! Popular operating software such as FLDIGI, WSJT-X and Outpost are also discussed.
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    If you are interested in learning Morse code or are already a Morse code enthusiast looking to improving your skills, check out CVARC’s MORSE Group. CW is no longer required for licensing, but it is a language that takes us back to the earliest days of the telegraph and the beginnings of radio.CVARC’s MORSE Group members receive regular emails with attached audio files to practice copying, as well as other helpful information and ideas.  There are also regular nets, meetings, workshops and practice sessions.
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  • CVARC | Projects
    A place to discuss, plan and share ideas about CVARC projects.
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